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WET-JET Jet Ski and PWC Covers

Jet Ski and PWC Cover Example

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Sunbrella Blue Fabric Ultratect Tan Fabric Ultratect Gray Fabric Ultratect Blue Fabrice Ultratect Black Fabric WET-JET Jet Ski and PWC Covers



Cover Fabric

Sunbrella and Ultra'tect WET-JET Jet Ski and PWC Cover Materials

Sunbrella WET-JET Cover Fabric

A preferred fabric in the marine industry, Sunbrella is made from solution-dyed woven acrylic fibers that provide almost 100% UV opacity to stop UV rays from reaching the gel-coat, graphics, rubber and seating material on your WET-JET jetski or PWC. Sunbrella's solution-dyed process is eco-friendly because the color goes into the cover's polymer BEFORE the fibers are extruded, so the color is solid throughout the woven fabric. Sunbrella fabric is very fade resistant and that is why you'll see it in marinas used for sail covers, bimini tops and boat enclosures, and it is also used for most high-quality outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas and awnings. The acrylic fibers naturally resist moisture, rot and mildew. For maximum long-term UV protection of your WET-JET jetski or PWC, Sunbrella is the best choice! Sunbrella covers carry a five-year limited warranty to the original purchaser. Covercraft will repair or replace any cover that becomes unserviceable during normal use - subject to factory inspection.

Covercraft currently offers its Sunbrella covers in a Pacific Blue color. Other colors will be available in the future.

Sunbrella Pacific Blue Jet Ski and PWC Cover Material

Ultra'tect WET-JET Cover Fabric

This fabric was developed from the need for a WET-JET cover that would retain its color and strength during extended outdoor exposure, while providing a high degree of water resistance and UV protection. Ultra'tect jetski and PWC covers are made from solution-dyed WeatherMax® SL fabric. Ultra'tect is a high-performance marine fabric at a moderate price. Easy to use, easy to clean, great UV resistance, good breathability and excellent fade resistance.

The Ultra'tect WET-JET cover is offered in four color choices: Black, Blue, Gray and Tan.

Covercraft Ultra'tect Black Jet Ski and PWC Cover Covercraft Ultra'tect Blue Jet Ski and PWC Cover Covercraft Ultra'tect Gray Jet Ski and PWC Cover Covercraft Ultra'tect Tan Jet Ski and PWC Cover

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